The following reports have been made available by Subacoustech for download. For the latest publications by Subacoustech, check the website.

  • Nedwell J, Turnpenny A (2003) 'Measurements of underwater noise during piling at the Red Funnel Terminal, Southampton, and observations of its effect on caged fish'. Subacoustech Report Reference: 558R0207, October 2003
  • Nedwell J, Edwards B (2002) 'Measurements of underwater noise in the Arun River during piling at County Wharf, Littlehampton', Subacoustech Report Reference: 513R0108, August 2002
  • Nedwell J, Needham K (1995) 'Noise Hazard in the Diving Environment'. Published in Proceedings of the international conference: SUBTECH '95: Addressing the Subsea Challenge.
  • Nedwell J (1994) 'Underwater Spark Sources: Some experimental information'. Subacoustech Report Reference: 440R0102, December 1994
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